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Vienna Day 3

Today We went to the Historic Art Museums of Vienna. We idee the map to will from the Hotel to the Museums. Inside we saw Old Master Paintings and used the Audioguide in English to learn about the artists and the paintings. Then we went to the Ancient Egyptian exhibition to reinforce what the little girl is studying at school. We got go inside
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The Writing Process Step 4: Editing

In the 4th step of The Writing Process we do Editing. Here is where we correct the spelling and punctuation of the written piece. We don’t want to make those corrections in the earlier steps because we want the students to get their ideas down on paper. During the editing process we can offer tools to use like a dictionary or if they are
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The Writing Process Step 3: Revising

We are taking a look at the steps in the writing process in English and our next step is Revising. What is revising? This is when you check your piece of writing to see if it flows and is following the task at hand. If the task was to write a friendly letter for example; we ask our writers to check if 1) does
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The Writing Process Step 2 Drafting

Writing is a skill that is often a work in Progress. We teach the steps of the writing process to our students because writing is a fundamental skill in learning a language. This process is also very important when students are taking the Cambridge exams from young learner to advanced it is important that they know how to write in English. The second step
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The Writing Process

The Writing Process in English is fundamental especially when studying for the Cambridge exams. There are five main steps we use to guide our students in writing. BRAINSTORMING, DRAFTING, REVISING, EDITING, and PUBLISHING. In particular for students studying English as a foreign language teachers need to take the time to explain and model each step. We have to teach them the process in English
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YLE Starters success!!!

Our team at TLNET-kids work diligently to have kids pass Cambridge exams. Here we have two examples of two students that passed the Starters YLE and are moving onto Movers this year. We are very proud of the progress of the students and the course taught by the teacher. They sang songs and completed projects all in alignment with the guidelines for the exam!
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