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”Tis the Season @TLNET-Kids

We’re starting off the Christmas season with The Little Gingerbread Man… run run as fast as you can! We’ll read the story, act out the story with masks, and most importantly build our vocabulary. Then we’ll sing some Christmas carols, Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!! We’ll play games like Charades and Bingo, write letters to Santa and be really good
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English in the City Day 4/5 Banksy

Today is Art day!! We went to the Banksy exhibit in Rome!! We talked about graffiti and learned about the artist and also his inspiration from Andy Worhol. Some of our favorite pictures were the Kate Spade his Rat graffiti series and the various monkeys. After lunch we created some of our own examples of graffiti on paper! This is a great way to
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NYC Day6/10

Today we went to the Neue Galleria and the Metropolitaln Museum of Art. We Saw Klimt and an exhibit about fashion. It was an amazing day. We also did a bit of shopping on 5th Ave which included a stop at the Apple Store. Great typical New Yorker day, topped off with a dinner at one of our favorites PJ Clark’s. We focused on
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NYC Day 2/10

Today We walker in Central Park then got breakfast at a NY deli, bagles and cream cheese. Then we went to Lincoln Center to see the Opera theater, NY philharmonic and the famous Julliard School for Performing Arts. We also saw two exhibitions in the NY performing Arts Library one on Motzart’s Magic Flute and Jazz Music. Do you know why NYC is nicknamed
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Vienna Day 3

Today We went to the Historic Art Museums of Vienna. We idee the map to will from the Hotel to the Museums. Inside we saw Old Master Paintings and used the Audioguide in English to learn about the artists and the paintings. Then we went to the Ancient Egyptian exhibition to reinforce what the little girl is studying at school. We got go inside
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English at the Beach Day 3

Today we started our day with breakfast and heading straight to the swimming pool. When we got to the pool we jumped in and got down to business with some Sharks and minnows it’s becoming quite popular with all the kids at the pool. Then we took a snack break and played some sea animal bingo and UNO. Then it was time for lunch
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