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Ancient Egyptian Summer Week at the Beach

This week we’re we’re at the beach with an Ancient Egyptian Theme!! We listened to songs, read books, played Bingo, Learned about the Egyptian Gods, pyramids, pharohs, mummification and made Canopi jars. We also made an American breakfast with waffles and maple syrup straight from Canada. it was a fun filled week mind expanding as well as vocabulary expanding.  

English in the City day 5/5 park and cooking

Today we want to the park to have our wrap up English in the city session. We walked around looking for Pokemon ( following directions in English) played Bingo, go fish and memory, wrote in our daily journals and read some books. Then we went back home for lunch and to make our own afternoon snack. We had a great last day of English
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Fregene Fun Day2/5

Today we woke up and made waffles for breakfast. Then we went to the beach, swimming, Summer Bingo, writing in our journals, and reading books. After lunch we collected shells. Another great day in Fregene!

Summer in the City Explora Museum

Full emmersion summer English weeks have begun!! Today we came to Explora museum and after playing with some simple machines and going to the grocery store we headed upstairs to do the puzzle of the regions of Italy. After we put the puzzle together we tried to learn the 20 regions of Italy. We were using vocabulary in English at the Grocery store for
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Learning English in the Kitchen

  Cooking is a wonderful hands-on experience to give children in learning English. There is abundant new vocabulary that is learned in context of the activity. Following a recipe is also following directions, recipes can be chosen by the teacher or together with the children.  Cooking with kids allows them to experience measurement in English(teaspoon, cups, temperature, litter, grams, etc) That being said it also
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Puglia Day 3 The Beach!

Today we had breakfast and then went to the beach. We went swimming and read two chapters of Black Beauty and answered some verbal comprehension questions. Then we had lunch and came back to the farmhouse. Then we went for a swim in the swimming pool. Then we studied before dinner. We wrote in our daily journal about what we did yesterday. Then we
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Day 1 Summer in the City

Today is Day 1 of our Summer in the City 5 day intensive English course. We met in the morning, 1 Teacher and four 6 year olds two girls two boys. Upon arrival we made our 5 rules: 1) Always stay close to Eva 2) Always hold hands. 3) Pay attention to where we are going when crossing the streets and on buses and
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