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TLNET kids Springing into Shape for Exams

We have been starting our Spring lessons! Trees, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies. We’ve been playing Easter vocabulary “Go Fish” and memory. We have also been preping for Cambridge YLE  exams for Starters, Movers and Flyers, as well as KEY, PET, FCE, and CAE exams.  

Sabaudia English at the Beach 2016

We Are here in Sabaudia and prepping for the following school year 5 in an international British school! First we went for a swim and a walk on the beach. Then we came home and had lunch and started our work. We did some science: today’s lesson solids, liquids and gasses. Then we did some English grammar exercises on punctuation and Maths. Then we
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The Writing Process Step 5:

The final step in the writing process is “Publishing”. This is when I direct the students to rewrite(or type)their piece of work as a final copy to be handed in at the end of an exam or to be displayed. I usually also explain that this is when authors’ books are printed for us to buy and read. We also sometimes make books to
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The Writing Process Step 4: Editing

In the 4th step of The Writing Process we do Editing. Here is where we correct the spelling and punctuation of the written piece. We don’t want to make those corrections in the earlier steps because we want the students to get their ideas down on paper. During the editing process we can offer tools to use like a dictionary or if they are
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The Writing Process Step 2 Drafting

Writing is a skill that is often a work in Progress. We teach the steps of the writing process to our students because writing is a fundamental skill in learning a language. This process is also very important when students are taking the Cambridge exams from young learner to advanced it is important that they know how to write in English. The second step
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The Writing Process

The Writing Process in English is fundamental especially when studying for the Cambridge exams. There are five main steps we use to guide our students in writing. BRAINSTORMING, DRAFTING, REVISING, EDITING, and PUBLISHING. In particular for students studying English as a foreign language teachers need to take the time to explain and model each step. We have to teach them the process in English
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TLNET KIDS 2014!!!

Here’s what TLNET kids have been up to to start off 2014 on the right foot! Review of numbers, letters, shapes, colors, days of the week, and the fun part….. wait for it…. Action verbs! Hop, jump, stand up, sit down, close your eyes, open your eyes, swim, crawl, and playing Simon Says! The big kids have been working on their irregular verbs, as
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