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Sabaudia English at the Beach 2016

We Are here in Sabaudia and prepping for the following school year 5 in an international British school! First we went for a swim and a walk on the beach. Then we came home and had lunch and started our work. We did some science: today’s lesson solids, liquids and gasses. Then we did some English grammar exercises on punctuation and Maths. Then we
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Fregene Fun Day1/5

I arrived in Fregene early this morning and we went straight to the beach for some swimming. Then we had lunch and after we did some English lesson and English summer homework for the public school. Then we made watermelon Popsicles for an after dinner snack. We also had a pajama party and  watched the film Alvin and the Chipmunks. Great First day in
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After School Homework help for kids in the International schools in Rome

One of the many tricks in our bag is tutoring kids with homework after school. We have experiences that range from pre-school through High School and the International Bachelorette Programs. We stay up to date on curriculum changes and test requirements in the USA and UK. This year there have been new national curriculums implemented in the USA and the UK. Tough on teacher
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