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Summer Week Sabaudia 2017🏖

This week we are in Sabaudia with a full immersion English week. We’re reading The Phantom Tollbooth, studying grammar, odioms and reading comprehension. We’re also doing Maths and science. We kicked off our week with a lunar eclipse! Then some horseback riding and surfing! So much fun while we prepare for the British curriculum Year 6 exams. We’ve been having lots of fun studying
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English in the City Day 4/5 Banksy

Today is Art day!! We went to the Banksy exhibit in Rome!! We talked about graffiti and learned about the artist and also his inspiration from Andy Worhol. Some of our favorite pictures were the Kate Spade his Rat graffiti series and the various monkeys. After lunch we created some of our own examples of graffiti on paper! This is a great way to
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English in the city Day 3/5 Zoo🐒

Today was day three and we went to the zoo!! First we went to the reptile house. Then we walked down to see the wolves. On our way to the picnic lunch we got to feed the elephants some carrots! After lunch with some peacocks we headed to see the Tigers, lions, and monkeys! We wrote in our journals, played Bingo and had a
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Boston Day 4/10

Today we walked the Freedom Trail til learn about some American Revolution history. This is a great walk to see the historical landmarks of the Birth of the USA. We learned about various patriots, saw the place of the Boston Massacre and meeting houses where we planned the events like the Boston Tea Party. After our 5+ Km walk we headed back to the
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PowerPoint Presentations by our TLNET Kids

We are ending this year with a bang! Our kids are learning how to use PowerPoint to creat their own presentations on various people and topics in English. We have famous people, places, sports and the year isn’t quite over yet so we’ll keep you posted on the other topics. This is a valuable skill for our kids As it builds confidence in their
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Fregene in Space Day 1 and 2

This week we are in Fregene again and doing a full immersion week based on Space. We’re learning about the planets, sun, moon, stars and constellations!! We decorated our TLNeT KIDS hats with the theme for the week and crated a planet Mobile. We also read a book about space and the planets. We are learning vocabulary about space. We also watched Star Wars
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The Writing Process

The Writing Process in English is fundamental especially when studying for the Cambridge exams. There are five main steps we use to guide our students in writing. BRAINSTORMING, DRAFTING, REVISING, EDITING, and PUBLISHING. In particular for students studying English as a foreign language teachers need to take the time to explain and model each step. We have to teach them the process in English
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Spelling for kids and adults alike can be difficult in English. Native speakers find it difficult too. So we need to incorporate the spelling rules in our English lessons as well. Sometimes we give weekly spelling quizzes as well as teaching the rules for spelling in English. Some of our favorites are: Spelling rule for :-ie- / -ei- Sometimes it is difficult to remember
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English on a Boat, Sailing the Almafi Coast: Day 5

English in Sabaudia:Day 5

Today is our last day at the beach in Sabaudia. We woke up this morning had breakfast and came to the beach to swim, study and soak up the sun one last time before vacation is over. We started with a creative writing story using a story mountain, including the following 5 elements: the beginning, build-up, problem, resolution, and ending. Then we did some
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