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Sabaudia Week 2 International School Support

This is week #2 in Sabaudia and we’ve been working on the international school Maths curriculum, particularly Year 5 British curriculum. It has been challenging. We had to get a grip on the abstract concept of fractions! Check out the link to the article below that I put into play in helping to get this abstract concept across in a concrete hands-on way. It
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Sabaudia English at the Beach 2016

We Are here in Sabaudia and prepping for the following school year 5 in an international British school! First we went for a swim and a walk on the beach. Then we came home and had lunch and started our work. We did some science: today’s lesson solids, liquids and gasses. Then we did some English grammar exercises on punctuation and Maths. Then we
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English in the city Day2/5 Pool

Today we are spending the day at the tennis club in EUR. We decorated our T-shirts and hats, went Swimming. Then we had lunch, after lunch we had our daily English lesson and journal writing session. We played frisbee today and made rubberband bracelets too! We talked about animals in the Zoo because tomorrow we’ll be at the zoo.

🎂🎂Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!! 🎂🎂

TLNET kids are celebrating the author Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places Our English Will Go!!” Here are just some of the books we will be reading this month during our lessons. We’ll be learning new vocabulary and how to rhyme in English. These books are great for beginning readers and experiences ESL kids studying in the international schools. One example is “The Cat In
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News for Kids

Reading the current events and News with kids is a great way to introduce them to authentic vocabulary and help them acquire new vocabulary.  The important thing we remember at TLNET Kids is to choose articles at their current reading level and that are age appropriate. News articles are a great support activity especially when preparing for YLE Cambridge exams. Here are two websites
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Back to English!! Jumpstart Your English!!

Summer is over and we are back!!!  Sign up for your courses in English at TLNET-Kids.  We have courses that involve after school homework tutoring for kids in the International schools in Rome, Cambridge Young English Learners courses, and courses for teens with KET, PET, First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced.  We also offer English courses with TEFL certified experienced English teachers that create great
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Summer week #1 Sabaudia 2015

This week we are in Sabaudia peeping our student that attends an international school in Rome for getting back into the swing of things. We have been reading Mermaid chapter books and reviewing reading comprehension skills; sequencing, making inferences, following directions, drawing conclusions, etc. we have also been brushing up on our math problem solving skills. We have also been doing some science by studying
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English Theater Course in Cambridge

This week we are in the scholarly quaint London suburb of Cambridge. Our student is attending a theater day camp and I am coaching her in the evenings. We go through the script, learn her lines, sing the songs and practice the dance movements. It’s a week long program that she will follow and on Friday there will be the final performance. Before or
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Summer Reading

As we wrap up the scholastic year we want to emphasize reading as a skill to reinforce and maintain current levels over the summer. Here are some lists of books recommended this year by the American Library Association. Kindergarten to 2nd Grade http://www.ala.org/alsc/sites/ala.org.alsc/files/content/2015%20Summer%20Reading%20List%20K%20to%202nd%20grade_Edit_0.pdf 3rd Grade to 5th Grade http://www.ala.org/alsc/sites/ala.org.alsc/files/content/2015%20Summer%20Reading%20List%203rd%20to%205th%20grade.pdf 6th to 8th Grade http://www.ala.org/alsc/sites/ala.org.alsc/files/content/2015%20Summer%20Reading%20List%206th%20to%208th%20grade.pdf Some fun activities to go along with this are: Keep
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The Writing Process Step 5:

The final step in the writing process is “Publishing”. This is when I direct the students to rewrite(or type)their piece of work as a final copy to be handed in at the end of an exam or to be displayed. I usually also explain that this is when authors’ books are printed for us to buy and read. We also sometimes make books to
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