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TLNET kids Springing into Shape for Exams

We have been starting our Spring lessons! Trees, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies. We’ve been playing Easter vocabulary “Go Fish” and memory. We have also been preping for Cambridge YLE  exams for Starters, Movers and Flyers, as well as KEY, PET, FCE, and CAE exams.  

TLNET Kids with Special Needs Learning English

We recently started a new project teaching English in an Italian Private school.The classes consist of mainstreaming kids with special needs. Below are some photos of  hands-on activities being used in helping to learn colors and number and there will be more to follow. Having tactile materials that students with special needs can use and manipulate helps them develop their organization and comprehension skills
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TLNET Kids Technotown: Special Effects and Robots

IMG_0534 Today we are at Technotown learning about special effects in films and building robots! What fun and what vocabulary we are building too!!  Special effects, blue screen, fast, slow, robots, robotics, left, right, forward, reverse. Warming up our English for the new school year!!!!        

Sabaudia Week 2 International School Support

This is week #2 in Sabaudia and we’ve been working on the international school Maths curriculum, particularly Year 5 British curriculum. It has been challenging. We had to get a grip on the abstract concept of fractions! Check out the link to the article below that I put into play in helping to get this abstract concept across in a concrete hands-on way. It
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Fregene Fun Day 5/5 Pokemon Go!

Today is the last day in Fregene. We finished our summer homework, went swimming, played bingo, go fish, and then looked for Pokemon 😉 it was a great last day together.

🎂🎂Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!! 🎂🎂

TLNET kids are celebrating the author Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places Our English Will Go!!” Here are just some of the books we will be reading this month during our lessons. We’ll be learning new vocabulary and how to rhyme in English. These books are great for beginning readers and experiences ESL kids studying in the international schools. One example is “The Cat In
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Let’s go to the Movies…

On Wednesday this week we’ll be heading to the Cinema in Rome to see the new film “Inside Out”.  Watching films is a fun way to put English skills into practical use.  When watching films you hear and learn new vocabulary in an authentic setting.  This is important especially for our kids in Rome because it is another way that we provide them with
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Behavior Management in our TLNET Kids lessons

It’s the beginning of the year with new students, new courses and new teachers, and one topic of great importance is behavior management especially with children. How we set the “Tune” for our lessons will carry out throughout the year. We at TLNET Kids are skilled in this area that affects the dynamics of our lessons and the success of our students. Positive reinforcement
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Day 5 The Beach!!!

We met in the morning at the train station to take advantage of as much time as possible at the beach. We have some good reading material for the train. A phonics book about ocean animals. We are taking a train and a bus to arrive at the resort. When we got there we to built a sandcastle, swam in the Mediterranean Sea and
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