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Ancient Egyptian Summer Week at the Beach

This week we’re we’re at the beach with an Ancient Egyptian Theme!! We listened to songs, read books, played Bingo, Learned about the Egyptian Gods, pyramids, pharohs, mummification and made Canopi jars. We also made an American breakfast with waffles and maple syrup straight from Canada. it was a fun filled week mind expanding as well as vocabulary expanding.  

”Tis the Season @TLNET-Kids

We’re starting off the Christmas season with The Little Gingerbread Man… run run as fast as you can! We’ll read the story, act out the story with masks, and most importantly build our vocabulary. Then we’ll sing some Christmas carols, Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!! We’ll play games like Charades and Bingo, write letters to Santa and be really good
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TLNET Kids Technotown: Special Effects and Robots

IMG_0534 Today we are at Technotown learning about special effects in films and building robots! What fun and what vocabulary we are building too!!  Special effects, blue screen, fast, slow, robots, robotics, left, right, forward, reverse. Warming up our English for the new school year!!!!        

English in the City Day 4/5 Banksy

Today is Art day!! We went to the Banksy exhibit in Rome!! We talked about graffiti and learned about the artist and also his inspiration from Andy Worhol. Some of our favorite pictures were the Kate Spade his Rat graffiti series and the various monkeys. After lunch we created some of our own examples of graffiti on paper! This is a great way to
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PowerPoint Presentations by our TLNET Kids

We are ending this year with a bang! Our kids are learning how to use PowerPoint to creat their own presentations on various people and topics in English. We have famous people, places, sports and the year isn’t quite over yet so we’ll keep you posted on the other topics. This is a valuable skill for our kids As it builds confidence in their
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🎂🎂Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!! 🎂🎂

TLNET kids are celebrating the author Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places Our English Will Go!!” Here are just some of the books we will be reading this month during our lessons. We’ll be learning new vocabulary and how to rhyme in English. These books are great for beginning readers and experiences ESL kids studying in the international schools. One example is “The Cat In
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Tis the Season!!

We have been busy little elves at TLNET-Kids making gingerbread houses. Apart from being fun, there is a lot to be learned during the lessons.  First is the vocabulary for the outside of a house: window, door, roof, chimney,etc. Then the students get to be creative with all the supplies (candy and frosting) in making their own design. Then there is the part of
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Summer week #1 Sabaudia 2015

This week we are in Sabaudia peeping our student that attends an international school in Rome for getting back into the swing of things. We have been reading Mermaid chapter books and reviewing reading comprehension skills; sequencing, making inferences, following directions, drawing conclusions, etc. we have also been brushing up on our math problem solving skills. We have also been doing some science by studying
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Fregene in Space Day 1 and 2

This week we are in Fregene again and doing a full immersion week based on Space. We’re learning about the planets, sun, moon, stars and constellations!! We decorated our TLNeT KIDS hats with the theme for the week and crated a planet Mobile. We also read a book about space and the planets. We are learning vocabulary about space. We also watched Star Wars
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Cooperative Learning Groups

IMG_0863 Cooperative learning groups are an excellent way to manage small groups for teachers, and promote positive learning experiences for students. What is a cooperative learning group? Essentially it is a group of students with various abilities (in our case abilities of English), success is measured on the group as a whole not individual success. This means that everybody contributes to the success of
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