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Summer Week Sabaudia 2017🏖

This week we are in Sabaudia with a full immersion English week. We’re reading The Phantom Tollbooth, studying grammar, odioms and reading comprehension. We’re also doing Maths and science. We kicked off our week with a lunar eclipse! Then some horseback riding and surfing! So much fun while we prepare for the British curriculum Year 6 exams. We’ve been having lots of fun studying
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TLNET Kids Technotown: Special Effects and Robots

IMG_0534 Today we are at Technotown learning about special effects in films and building robots! What fun and what vocabulary we are building too!!  Special effects, blue screen, fast, slow, robots, robotics, left, right, forward, reverse. Warming up our English for the new school year!!!!        

Sabaudia English at the Beach 2016

We Are here in Sabaudia and prepping for the following school year 5 in an international British school! First we went for a swim and a walk on the beach. Then we came home and had lunch and started our work. We did some science: today’s lesson solids, liquids and gasses. Then we did some English grammar exercises on punctuation and Maths. Then we
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Summer week #1 Sabaudia 2015

This week we are in Sabaudia peeping our student that attends an international school in Rome for getting back into the swing of things. We have been reading Mermaid chapter books and reviewing reading comprehension skills; sequencing, making inferences, following directions, drawing conclusions, etc. we have also been brushing up on our math problem solving skills. We have also been doing some science by studying
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Time in a Bottle

This week we did another Science experiment making a sand clock. We nicknamed it “Time in a Bottle”. The first thing we did was to research the project and gather the materials and write the procedure. After we made our sand clocks! To see how much time they measured we had to time the sand moving from one bottle to the next using our
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After School Homework help for kids in the International schools in Rome

One of the many tricks in our bag is tutoring kids with homework after school. We have experiences that range from pre-school through High School and the International Bachelorette Programs. We stay up to date on curriculum changes and test requirements in the USA and UK. This year there have been new national curriculums implemented in the USA and the UK. Tough on teacher
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English on a Boat, Sailing the Almafi Coast: Day 5

English in Sabaudia: Day 3

Today we started our day with tennis lessons at the tennis club. We talked about the vocabulary for playing tennis in English: racquet, ball, net, serve, forehand, backhand, swing, love(for keeping score) etc. then we headed to the beach for a swim and some reading. We read another chapter of Stewart Little, we did some maths, and then had lunch at the beach. After
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English in Sabaudia:Day 1

Today we went straight to the beach upon the teacher’s arrival in Sabaudia. We went swimming and did some maths on the beach. We are also finishing the book Stewart Little. Then we went home for lunch. After lunch we started our creative writing lessons and wrote our first original story. The we did some mor maths and read some of The Pony Mad
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English on a Boat, Sailing the Amalfi Coast: Day 6

We woke up today and the weather was great, so we set sail back to Capri. On the sail back we wrote in our daily journal about our adventurous day yesterday, read another two chapters in Stuart Little, and did some math. This is all in preparation for the student that is returning to an international school in September. When we arrive at the
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