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Ancient Egyptian Summer Week at the Beach

This week we’re we’re at the beach with an Ancient Egyptian Theme!! We listened to songs, read books, played Bingo, Learned about the Egyptian Gods, pyramids, pharohs, mummification and made Canopi jars. We also made an American breakfast with waffles and maple syrup straight from Canada. it was a fun filled week mind expanding as well as vocabulary expanding.  

Fregene Fun day3/5

Today we woke up and had waffles then played some UNO dare while we all got ready to go to the beach. We have also been doing bingo and “Go Fish”! We also did some WII Karoke and Just Dance!  We have been working on summer English homework for schools and full immersion conversation in English for the whole family. The time flies while
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Cooperative Learning Groups

IMG_0863 Cooperative learning groups are an excellent way to manage small groups for teachers, and promote positive learning experiences for students. What is a cooperative learning group? Essentially it is a group of students with various abilities (in our case abilities of English), success is measured on the group as a whole not individual success. This means that everybody contributes to the success of
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Superbowl XLIX

  This week we’re watching highlights from the American Football Chapionship “SUPERBOWL XLIX, we’re watching the Katy Perry Halftime show, reviewing the lyrics to her songs Roar, and Firework.  Then we are also judging our favorite commercials, one spot cost 4.5 million dollars each.  Then for the Little ones we’re doing some word searches, reading a phonics book on football, and playing sports bingo!

Kicking off September with another Intensive course

This week I started an intensive course for a six year old that will be relocating to Geneva, Switzerland from Rome, Italy. My objective is to get her familiar with the International school routines as well as vocabulary, common phrases used in the classroom and the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, months of the year, and weather, all through the use
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Family Intensive Course #2 in New York Day 2 Central Park Zoo

Today is our first full day in NEW YORK CITY! We met in the morning and made our way to the Central Park Zoo! Language focus for the day…. Zoo animals, ordering in a restaurant, and of course a bit of shopping vocabulary. After we went to the zoo we had lunch in the Boathouse restaurant in Central Park. Then we took a paddle
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Day 5 The Beach!!!

We met in the morning at the train station to take advantage of as much time as possible at the beach. We have some good reading material for the train. A phonics book about ocean animals. We are taking a train and a bus to arrive at the resort. When we got there we to built a sandcastle, swam in the Mediterranean Sea and
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What time is it????

We’re are getting ready to wrap up our courses at TLNET-Kids! During the month of May we have been studying forms of transportation, and time. What Time is it??? It’s time for Summer!!! time We celebrated Earth Day as well as studied the parts of a tree, talked about how gardens grow and read a book from one of our favorite authors Dr. Seuss’
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April showers bring May flowers

The new topic we are going to cover at Tlnet Kids is going to be “Weather”. We are going to learn the vocabulary rainy, snowy, sunny, windy, cloudy, etc as well as questions like “How’s the weather?” Using songs and skits to reinforce the new vocabulary. We will also watch the film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 or 2” in English. Stick
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Tis the Season with TLNET Kids

‘Twas the Night before Christmas and all the TLNET students were studying their English verbs to make them all prudent. Making some ornaments to hang on the tree and writing Christmas cards to spread some more glee. Eagerly watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and answering questions to learn more about Christmas. Singing carols and making Merry while building their amazing Vocabulary. When what
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